ArchiTreasures is a collection of ten 3-minute videos which take you into the interiors of amazing Des Moines buildings you would rarely have access to, including US Bank’s Art Deco building; the Temple for the Performing Arts; American Republic (AEG); the restored Polk County Courthouse courtrooms; the catwalks and dome of the State Capitol and the Drake Municipal Observatory.

They can be found here on IAF’s YouTube channel.

ArchiTreasures are much more than an architectural tour. Intriguing creative stories were written for each of the videos, delivered by an off-screen narrator. The videos showcase the design features, history, colors, styles, textures and details of these important buildings.

ArchiTreasures represents months of effort on the part of our video team, as well as financial support from BRAVO and other sponsors.

The team was composed of videographer Bruce James Bales, video assistant, John Baker, new IAF Trustee Linh Huynh, Ben Brown, and Executive Director Claudia Cackler.

Our hope is that the program will create a mystique, more enthusiasm, and a deeper appreciation of our region’s architectural riches. Our goal, over time, is to keep adding to this collection and build an archive by which to remember some of Iowa’s finest and most interesting architectural treasures.

IAF plans to share the videos on social media, in addition to promoting them to retirement centers and schools.  They can each be shown separately, or as a group, which amounts to about 20 minutes total.  Contact or just copy the link above. We can also  provide you with a DVD or a flash drive. We encourage you to share these wonderful architectural snippets.

Thank you to Bravo Greater Des Moines and its community and governmental partners! Thank you to IAF sponsors and contributors listed in the videos and on our donor page.