Most commonly known as the Iowa Supreme Court, the Iowa Judicial Branch Building was designed by the DLR Group in association with Kaplan/McLaughlin/Diaz. Opening in 2003, this five story awe inspiring building holds the Iowa Supreme Court as well as the Appellate Courts in a hierarchical fashion, just as the judicial system is built. The building, on Court Avenue in downtown Des Moines, allows in numerous natural light for a more productive work environment for all employees. The building expressed the design goals to impart visual testimony to the dignity, stability, accessibility, and fairness of the State Supreme Court and the judicial system. (DLR Group Website)

All citizens should take the time to walk up to the gold doors of grandeur that welcome practitioners and citizens to access their system of justice. Once inside the building, the 100 foot rotunda commands respect and awe. As you stand admiring the rotunda and marble, the feeling of the Supreme Court’s power should cut through the silence reminding you of the pioneering that Iowa Judges and Justices have done since their inception.

Walk into the Courtroom and study the curved bench and ceiling that allow litigants and practitioners to a first-hand experience with our high court. Sit for a moment in one of the rows of seats and it will create for you an atmosphere of sobriety and finality when the Justices publish their ruling.

Finally, look into the conference room where our Justices assemble, assign important research and writing regarding the cases they hear. The oval room reminds us of the debate of ideas, passionate advocacy, deep examination, and critical thinking that makes decisions and rulings one of the most difficult but rewarding tasks of our judiciary. As a practitioner under the codes and rules of this great State, I am proud of the building our most high justices are able to boast about.