As a CDP team member, I have worked directly with stakeholders to provide preliminary design options to improve their community. I have served with a larger group of volunteers that includes architects, planners, landscape architects and graphic designers. Our teams have been able to produce and present final and complete presentation packages to Iowa communities which they can later implement.

Working with key members of these communities has been an extraordinary experience. The shared information from past and present has helped the team understand the community’s current situation, as well as the challenges faced with many of its existing structures.

A key to the success of our Community Design Charrettes has been our ability to recruit students from various colleges and universities, who are always willing to help. By joining us in our community projects, they can experience the great adventure that the Iowa Architectural Foundation offers them.

Our experience has been rewarding in many ways: by interacting with the community, by visiting different sites and being involved in the scope of the work, by photographic studies, and most of all by actual conversations with community members in town hall meetings.

The amazing participation of the people of each community has been extremely important to the results of the final presentation. Working as a team, and now on the board of IAF, I am privileged to work hand in hand with communities and provide them with fully committed time and experience, understanding their present and future needs.