2020 Student Drawing & Photo Contests

2020 Contest JPEG - Architecture by Children                 2020 Contest JPEG - Snapshot Iowa
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architecture for children and Snapshot iowa contests for iowa students
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ABC Entry Form 2020



IAF, along with Pella,  is offering Architecture by Children (Drawing) and Snapshot Iowa (Photography) contests to encourage young people’s interest in art and architecture. We hope participating students will gain a new perspective on their community by thinking about the buildings and spaces they occupy every day.

A panel of judges comprised of design professionals will choose the winners and cash prizes will be awarded. Press releases will be sent to media outlets state-wide. Please refer to the contest poster or entry form for complete details of each contest. These contests are generously sponsored by Pella. Entry forms must be postmarked by March 30, 2020 to be considered and must be submitted according to rules and regulations. All judges’ choices are final.

IAF promotes the awareness and appreciation of architecture and design in Iowa through educational programming and outreach for youth, including contests, summer camps, architect-led tours and architecture presentations in the classroom and libraries. Thank you for helping us promote architecture in Iowa!