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On March 16, 1988, a group of persons interested in pursuing methods to fund the Architecture in the Schools program of AIA Iowa was held. 

Creating a nonprofit organization was seen as an instrument for generating funds outside the normal AIA Iowa budget.  It was decided that the Foundation should be a separate organization, and AIA Iowa made a $1,500 contribution to cover the necessary start-up expenses.

The first organizational meeting was held on August 23, 1988 at which time the initial Board of Trustees were elected into office, bylaws were adopted, and bank authorizations were signed.


Federal tax exemption was granted by the Internal Revenue Service on a three-year temporary status.  Iowa also granted tax exemption.

An initial fundraising campaign was launched.


The Foundation sponsors the broadcast of Skyscraper on Iowa Public Television.

The initial fundraising campaign was a success as a $1,775 grant was received, and as a result, the Foundation donated $2,000 towards the Architecture in the Schools program.


The Foundation received a $5,000 grant from Venture Stores, Inc. to develop a social studies curriculum on architectural heritage for 2nd grade students in the West Des Moines school district.

$3,100 is granted for support of the Architecture in the Schools program.

AIA Iowa's membership survey indicated strong support of the Foundation with 85% of respondents stating they thought the Foundation was "a worthwhile organization for the Chapter to promote."


The Foundation makes a 4-year funding commitment to support the "Planning of Iowa" conferences.

The first grant ($1,000) from the American Architectural Foundation was received to support the Architecture in the Schools program.


The Foundation receives a $500 Disaster Assistance grant from AIA National.


The first two public members of the Board were elected -- Art Wittmack and Dale Grabinski.

$5,000 is granted to the Architecture in the Schools program.

"History for Lunch" walking tours are held for the public.

The Foundation sponsors Pyramid, Castles, and Cathedrals on Iowa Public Television.

An insert on the environment is sponsored by the Foundation in an issue of Iowa Architect as well as a series of articles on historically significant architecture in Iowa.

The Architecture in the Schools program is officially transferred from AIA Iowa to the Iowa Architectural Foundation.


A new mission statement -- Building an Understanding of a Public Art -- is adopted.

The Foundation begins sponsorship of Iowa Community Design Assistance Teams, a project of the ISU Department of Architecture.

Funding for the Architecture in the Schools program increases to $8,000.


Funding from the Iowa Department of Economic Development supports the creation of an Iowa Sesquicentennial edition of Iowa Architect.

The Bengt Von Rosen Project begins with an interview with Bengt, a former student of the Bauhaus movement.

Teacher development workshops through the Architecture in the Schools program are conducted in Fort Dodge, Burlington, and Des Moines.

A social studies curriculum for 3rd grade students in Des Moines Public Schools is developed and tested.

The Board of Trustees amends its bylaws to allow the election of up to 25 members and discussions begin about possible members.

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