2022 Community Enhancement Through Architecture & Design Awards

Iowa Architectural Foundation
2022 Community Enhancement Through Architecture & Design Awards

Architects often receive recognition for quality design, but it is essential to also recognize those entities who embrace and promote architectural excellence to advance their communities.  The Iowa Architectural Foundation recognizes that it takes more than just architects and design professionals to make our communities great places in which to live, work, and play.  It also takes the vision, commitment, and resources of those members of our communities who share a common goal.

Our vision is for Iowa to be more inclusive, connected, healthy and vibrant.  Few would disagree that quality architecture can play a big part in making communities more livable. The structures we build affect our environment, sustainability, health, culture, identity and economy.  Thoughtful design improves people’s lives.


Continuing the tradition started in 2019, this award is intended to recognize those individuals, organizations, agencies, or communities, outside the architectural profession, who have had a significant and positive impact on the quality of life in Iowa through their support of architecture and/or urban design.  To learn more about the 2021 recipients and view the virtual awards celebration, visit last year’s awards story.  Principal Financial Group, Des Moines, and Marc Moen, moengroup, Iowa City, were the recipients.


Any individual, organization, agency, or community in Iowa, outside the architectural profession, that has demonstrated consistent and effective leadership, vision, and support for architecture is eligible. Eligibility is also open to those who have repeatedly championed the cause of architecture or acted repeatedly as a benefactor of architecture and urban design, all of which has contributed to the betterment of an Iowa community(s).


Any individual or entity can nominate one or more candidates.


The Nomination Form must be filled out in its entirety for each nomination, including a summary of why the nominee is qualified to receive recognition.  The summary must clearly explain how the nominee’s actions have benefited the community or the State of Iowa.  This may be brief, but more information will be required at a later date.  Supplemental information is to be uploaded to the “file attachment” on the submission form and may include photographs, newspaper articles, and letters of recommendation.

NOTE of CLARIFICATION: This is not a program to recognize design achievements by architects or the design excellence of a specific project, rather, the intent is to recognize the entity or organization that supported the architecture or design to be realized and succeed.  IAF reserves the right to reject any submission not conforming to the above requirements.


A committee, including public members and volunteers of the IAF, will review the initial submissions, after which a jury composed of architects and non-architects will select the award recipients.


All nominations must be received via online submission or hard copy by July 29, 2022.  The electronic submission form can be found here.

Hard copy nominations should be sent to: Iowa Architectural Foundation, 400 Locust, Suite 100, Des Moines, IA 50309.

Submissions selected for recognition will be notified September 14, 2022 and will be recognized  with a virtual presentation, including interviews with award recipients, photographs and video.


Questions may be directed to Jeff Shaffer, IAF Chairman, jshaffer@bnim.com.


Please contact IAF Chair Jeff Shaffer to learn more about sponsorship opportunities at  jshaffer@bnim.com or 515-208-0558